We produce two lines of fresh pasta: filled and extruded.
Durum wheat semolina, extruded through bronze dies, with eggs 30%, to get the dough for a perfect cooking for a pasta always "al dente".
Fillings are totally natural, no preservatives or additives, resulting in a unique flavor through our recipes.
All pastas are made with bronze dies, to give that particular roughness on the surface to retain the sauces...

Durum wheat semolina and eggs 30%, are the only ingredients of our aromatic pasta in a large number of formats and sizes.
Massarelli is the only Pasta factory making pasta with more than 18 types of aromas, mixing the flour with natural products giving it a unique taste.
We produce multi-color pasta, always with natural flavors.
We only use bronze dies, giving the pasta a particular roughness, ideal for holding sauces, enhancing any kind of recipe...

We are producing smooth and striped Gnocchi, Gnocchetti, Stuffed Gnocchi with high culinary recipes and Italian tradition, and gnocchi with 20 natural aromas.
Make good gnocchi is not easy.
We use a composition in which 80% is potato, to give the right balance between flavor and texture.
Our experience over the years, has led us to the full recognition of our customers, in the gnocchi production, food that everyone likes, seasoned with good sauces...
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